Toplam Eser Sayısı: 2639

Miscellaneous Studies on the Karamanlidika Literary Tradition
Eserin Yazarları: Evangelia BALTA
Eseri Yayımlayan Yayınevi: ISIS
Eserin Basım Yeri: İstanbul
Eserin Basım Yılı: 2013
Açıklamalar: The word "Miscellaneous" accurately describes the coexistence in the same volume of texts varying in type, style, content and the time to which they refer. This volume contains eight studies written over the last three years, products though of research that hasbeen under way for some time. The variety of their subjects indicates the main axes on which my research has been centred for many years, showing at the same time, by way of examples, the wealth of topics, the numerous fields that open up to the researcher wanting to become involved with Karamanlidika studies.

‹‹ Geri Dön

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